ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

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Which Pizza Crust is Best for My Business?

Par Baked Crusts

Standard par baked pizza crusts typically with docked dough (you will see visible punch holes), can have dough risers to improve thickness.

New Age Alternatives

Pizza crust alternatives made from other ingredients such as tortillas, shelf stable breads, Naan type products, and pita breads.

Some distributors carry some.  Some carry others.  Can lock you into a distributor.

ItalCrust Wood Fired

Made from pizza dough, proofed, hand stretched and wood fired.

Very easy to find.  Available from virtually every broadline and most specialty distributors.  Easy to shop around for prices.  This is not a chef's dream any more than using margarine instead of butter from a local creamery or Hi-C instead of orange juice. 
Many are new entries into the ring and get discontinued and replaced when something better comes along.   Many are fads that get replaced by the next fad.

Fast growing adoption by distributors nationwide. Does not have a suitable replacement so distributors typically keep ItalCrust once they carry it.

This will give you pizza, that is only as good as the toppings.  Crust is basically what you get from frozen pizza in the supermarket.  Unlikely to be a culinary hit.
Some deliver interesting pizza like products.  Others are too "way out" for anyone to mistake for pizza.  The customer will understand from this product that you are not really in the pizza business.
Artisan pizzeria quality pizza.  Better than a large percentage of pizzerias can do themselves.  Indistinguishable from scratch dough in many cases. 
Little or no flavor, or in some cases an off flavor that needs to be drowned out by the ingredient toppings.  Commercial looking factory stamped appearance.  No aroma of freshness.
Can vary from chewy to crunchy.  Some have interesting grainy flavors.  Others have no flavor.  Generally it is hard to hide the fact that this is NOT pizza dough.

Some will burn quickly in a hot oven, preventing you from melting the cheese and browning the toppings.
Artisan hand stretched appearance, with natural curves and bubbles.  Inviting aroma.  Perfect pizza texture with a slight doughy start and an authentic crispy finish. 
Like a premium coffee - Italcrust costs a bit more but it also creates a much higher value product.  For anyone looking to have real pizza, you will have no prep, no labor, no waste and need no special equipment. 
Generally inexpensive and should be used with inexpensive ingredients.   
Wide range of costs from very cheap, to very expensive.  Difficult to find the right 'mix' of cost and value created.
You need to serve cheap pizza and do it easily.  Quality and taste are secondary.

You are locked into a national contract with a par baked crust.

You are not trying to make true pizza but found something that you like, which gives you an interesting pizza like product.

You are a quality operation that wants to add pizza, without having to become a pizzeria. 

You want to start a pizzeria but for reasons of labor, expertise, space or equipment, you have decided not to do your own dough.

You are looking for something which has cleaner ingredients.

Are we biased?

So now you are reading this and thinking that we seem biased towards ItalCrust. And you are right.  We believe in our product, not just because we have tasted it so many times, but because we have seen hundreds of chefs first hand - react with delight when they see ItalCrust for the first time.  We have heard the feedback, the accolades, the compliments.

And while we may be are biased, we are also confident that ItalCrust really is as good as we claim.  Nothing will replace dough made from scratch, using "00" flour.  Once proofed and hand stretched, all you will need is an 800 degree oak fired oven to duplicate what we do.

But if your business calls for a premade crust, ItalCrust can give you a destination quality pizza from a ready to go frozen shell.