ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

A Pizza Crust Chosen by Chefs

Before ItalCrust, the choices for restaurants who did not have a pizza oven were limited to par baked crusts or crust style bases, getting involved in the expensive and labor intensive deep dish business, or making your own dough and doing the best you can in a traditional oven.  Making quality dough requires high quality ingredients, expertise, proofing, timing and years of experience and even with all of these things, not every operation is looking to do it all in house.

Making the finest crust requires high quality "00" flour which can be difficult to obtain in many markets, and expensive. Many restaurants do other things besides pizza, and may have talent at making dressings and sauces, sourcing fresh local ingredients, perfectly cooking a steak or fusing Asian spices. Making dough is a centuries old art that is time consuming and doesn't need to be done at the restaurant itself, if it can be done perfectly before it arrives.


Our difference is simple:  ItalCrust is an alternative way to make pizza, by having the crust started in Italy.  Deep in the Emelia-Romagna region of Italy lie the world's finest dough makers. From selecting the finest unrefined soft wheat flour, to mixing the perfect recipe using water that makes the region famous, to twenty-four hour proofing, to hand stretching, to our unique preservation process using only extra virgin olive oil, and finally to prebaking in an oak-wood fired oven, ItalCrust does exactly what you would do with enough time, ingredients and a wood fired oven.

ItalCrust will elevate your existing pizza recipe.

That is the difference that ItalCrust offers and we're so sure, we're willing to stake our name on it.  If you are using another premade crust or even if you are making your own dough and aren't 100% satisfied with the result, let us know. If we have distribution in your area, we will get you a sample to try*. That's how sure we are that ItalCrust will not just work for you, but can actually enhance your pizza. 

Additionally, ItalCrust improves consistency, reduces labor and cook time and works in almost any oven type.  Simply add sauce and toppings and cook in a hot oven for 3-5 minutes. The end result is so astoundingly good, many operators have actually replaced their own dough making with ItalCrust. Consider these advantages:

  • IQF flash frozen.
  • Defrost in ten minutes.
  • Cook in 3-5 minutes.
  • No flour, no pans, no mesh, no paper.  Just a hot oven of virtually any type.


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