ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

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ItalCrust delivers a true wood fired pizza with simple, premium ingredients.   Chefs know that there is no other par baked crust which matches the quality of scratch made dough and right now restaurants need to reduce labor in the kitchen to insure social distancing . For more information or you nearest food service distributor, please contact us here . 
  • Clean simple ingredients
  • Proofed for 24 hours
  • Stretched by hand
  • Cooked in a wood fired oven

Authentic Wood Fired Pizza

- Restaurants

- Hotels & Resorts

- Clubs

- Sporting Venues

- Caterers

- Mobile Operations

- Steak houses

- Bars & pubs

ItalCrust delivers pizzeria quality pizza in an easy to use pre made crust that is so good, clean and authentic, it rivals many pizzerias.

What Chefs Are Saying about ItalCrust

"...Finally, a pizza crust company who has created the real thing:  Authentic, New York style pizza crusts pre baked and ready to top...."

"... it's good!  I like the crispiness..."
     - Aron Sanchez Food Network Star & Celebrity Chef

"... there is nothing like this..."
- Penny Davide, Chopped Champion, Food Network Star

"... its not that I want a crust that's made in Italy.  It's that I want this crust, and it just happens to be made in Italy"
- major US retailer

Quality Ingredients and Cutting Edge Technology

ItalCrust wood fired pizza crusts and flatbreads are built on cutting edge technology - coming from decades of experience making wood fired pizza.  ItalCrust is a true scratch quality pizza crust made from Italian pizza dough, proofed and hand stretched.  Using clean ingredients, we will give you the authenticity that you can only get otherwise by working with pizza dough.  ItalCrust will give you a true premium artisan pizza from a frozen crust and it's simple, consistent, easy to use and requires little labor.  

The Best Pizza Dough

We make the finest dough using "00" flour and extra virgin olive oil, proof it for twenty four hours, hand-stretch it and bake it in an oak fired oven on stones at over 800 degrees. 

 Artisan Flatbread Recipes

Our flatbreads are breaking new ground - replacing thin, floppy, flavorless imitations, with a truly delicious fresh dough ItalCrust, usable as is, or flattened for a trimmer look.  No more grilled tortillas or ultra thin crackers that fall apart.  ItalCrust will hold your ingredients and give you clean, consistent quality that customers are looking for.

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Save Time & Space, Reduce Waste and Prep Time, Improve Consistency, Focus on Ingredients

Making your own dough requires time, space and specialized training.  You will need to refrigerate the dough for long periods of time, taking up valuable space.  Any errors in projection or process will result in wasted time and discarded dough.  If you sell all of the dough that you prepared, you will not be able to cover your needs.


With ItalCrust you get the same premium quality crust, delivering the same results, but from an already prepared shell.   Save time, waste, labor and prep space.