ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

ItalCrust Foodservice Distribution

ItalCrust Means Opportunity for Foodservice Distributors

ItalCrust is a unique brand for distributors, bridging the gap between operators who work with pizza dough and those who cannot or do not wish to but still want the quality and authenticity of pizza made from scratch.  ItalCrust is as easy to use as most par baked pizza crusts but will deliver a wood fired pizza which is world class in quality, and all from clean simple ingredients. 

Our discerning customers are hotels, country clubs, restaurants, sports venues, caterers, bars, pubs, grills, food trucks and kiosks who all share a common desire for authentic pizza without the premium work attached to it and in today's environment, reducing labor not only saves cost but improves efficiency in socially distanced kitchens.   And our incredible flatbreads reach those who aren't necessarily looking for pizza, in its traditional sense.

ItalCrust requires little prep expertise or space, no proofing step, stores for months and cooks in any type of oven.  We are the only brand which offers the benefit of pizza-dough-ingredients, twenty-four hour proofing, hand stretching and oak fired cooking in a toppable crust.  For more information see our foodservice page

Spotlight Article:  Why Foodservice Distributors Are Carrying Too Many Crusts

Distributors' slots are full of pizza crusts (some of which barely sell) and this is because there are so many different attempts at emulating a pizza crust for operators who are not making their own.  But because none of them quite measure up to the real thing, distributors need many slots or use redistributors to insure that they have something that will be "close enough" for the chef.


Do You Really Need More Than Three Pizza Crusts?


Every distributor needs an inexpensive crust, an authentic crust and perhaps a third one for whole wheat or gluten free.  There is no way that you should have dozens of slots for all kinds of tortillas and crazy na'an bread pizza crusts.  Now that a truly all natural and authentic crust is available on a national scale, all of those slots full of "near misses" should be cleared up for other items.    And while we love and respect these other products, we would not appreciate our local pizzeria making pizza on Naan or pita bread.                                       Read more

Shipping Information for Foodservice Distributors

News:   Fall 2020:  ItalCrust adds a fifth distribution center, located in North Florida

ItalCrust is centrally distributed out of the Chicago area and Allentown, PA with weekly LTL and pool service available to all 48 contiguous states as well as forwarding service to Hawaii.  Most major distributors visit this area for pick ups on a weekly basis and those who don't can be service via our pooled trucks or an outside carrier. 

Additionally, we have satellite warehouses in Northern California, Central Texas, New England and now in Florida serving our valued Southeast customers.

Advanced Cold Chain Monitoring

We employ state of the art temperature monitoring from the moment of production, to the moment of loading at one of our distribution facilities.   Our docks are maintained at 45 degrees or lower, insuring that your ItalCrust is at it's peak of perfection, just as it was the day it came out of our wood fired oven.  We maintain the highest level of GFSI certification, and comply fully with all FDA requirements.

Packaging Information

100% Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of every ItalCrust.   Period.
ItalCrust is individually quick frozen as soon as it has cooled from the baking process, bulk packaged in foodservice blue bags, and then placed into master cartons.  Packs vary based on size and smaller sizes, typically contain two blue bags per carton.  Cartons are sealed and shipped under constant temperature monitoring to our distribution centers nationwide where they are ready for reshipment to distributors.

All ItalCrust cartons are marked for foodservice, including GTIN14 coding, ingredients and expiration date.   See our full list of sizes and shapes.


ItalCrust can be kept frozen for six months or more*, or can be refrigerated and used within 3 days if bags remain sealed.  Please contact us for specific storage and cooking instructions.    


* refer to expiration date on the box                <-- back to foodservice home

Our double flute cartons help to prevent crushing.

Each carton is marked with everything from size information to cooking guidelines.