ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

ItalCrust Gluten Free Pizza Crusts

In the past five years there is no question that we've heard more from operators than "do you have a gluten free ItalCrust"?   So, three years ago we set about creating a gluten free crust that would be consistent with ItalCrust's brand to be the very best, scratch dough replacement product on the market.    We looked at everything, from cauliflower to rice flour, but felt that none of these ingredients delivered the true pizza eating experience that wheat flour does.

We are pleased to announce that IT IS HERE, the hands down most authentic Gluten Free Pre Baked Pizza crust in the foodservice market.   Our GF crusts are made in the mountains of Southern Italy, where the water runs purest, and the clean dry unpolluted air allows our delicate dough to rise. 

Made with real wheat that is 100% gluten free, and risen with brewer's yeast, our 9.5" round crust is made in a completely controlled environment, that will allow operators to service both gluten free lifestyle clients as well as those with Celiac disease*.

The wait is finally over, to have a true pizza eating experience that is 100% gluten free.   ItalCrust Gluten Free will be available in limited supply starting in the fall of 2019, and by 2020 will become available nationwide.

* Making pizza suitable for those with Celiac disease requires a completely gluten free operation.   ItalCrust can only guarantee that our gluten free crusts are suitable for this purpose.  Once the box is opened, any other ingredients or environmental factors are completely the responsibility of the operator.