ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

ItalCrust Cutting Edge Technology

Simple Ingredients And A Wood Fired Oven

ItalCrust is quite simply the finest pizza produced without any toppings, using a special process to maintain the right texture and lock in that special wood fired flavor. The finest Italian dough, made from "00" wheat flour and water, is proofed for 24 hours, hand stretched and treated in a unique process with all natural extra virgin olive oil before being flash frozen into ready to top crusts that cook in almost any kind of oven, and in as fast as 2-3 minutes (depending on oven type and temperature).


Simple high quality ingredients, and a centuries old dough making process are married with cutting edge technology, to freeze the crusts until you are ready to use them.

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Ingredients alone simply cannot give you authentic wood fired flavors. The only way to obtain authentic wood fired flavoring is to cook the dough in a wood fired oven, but such ovens are very large and are very expensive to buy, maintain and feed with wood. No matter how hard you try, duplicating wood fired taste is either very expensive, or artificially done and falling short of the smell and taste that you really want. Let our Italian experts do the work for you, freezing the perfect crust until you are ready to use it.


No longer do you need a wood fired oven to have the look, the smell and the taste of wood fired pizza and no longer to you have to skimp on quality and authenticity because you choose not to make your own crust.  You absolutely can make a premium pizza on a frozen pizza crust.

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