ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Par Baked and Premade Frozen Pizza Crusts

ItalCrust vs First Generation Par Baked Frozen Pizza Crusts

Par baked pizza crusts for foodservice were created to fill a need for those who didn't have the time, expertise, labor, space or oven to make their own crust.  The results were all kinds of bases for pizza, from grilled tortillas, to stamped out bakery products with all kinds of ingredients needed to create something which would imitate a pizza crust in certain ways.

Because par baked crusts were never meant to be a "culinary choice", the competition was over price which continued to result in poor substitutes being developed.

ItalCrust is the real thing.

Proofed for twenty four hours, hand-stretched right on the line and then perfectly baked in our oak wood fired oven, we create a true pizza crust from the finest quality ingredients.  The secret is not in how we make ItalCrust imitate a pizza crust, but in how we take an authentic pizza crust and par bake it so that it can be frozen and topped later on.    ItalCrust will elevate your pizza ingredients into a mind blowing pizza that tastes as good as it smells and looks.                      

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Imitation and Par Baked Pizza Crusts and Naan Breads

Many of the new and not so new par baked crusts make an acceptable pizza, but they will struggle to taste quite as good as a freshly baked wood fired pizza from "00" flour.  Sometimes there is just no substitute for the real thing and that's where ItalCrust stands alone.

Naan breads, while great tasting, will burn before the toppings can be properly cooked and often contain dairy and/or eggs.  Many crusts will have a reasonable flavor but will not have the texture of a true pizza crust.  And even the best pizza crusts out there, whether scratch made or par baked, lack the quality of ingredients or flavor profile that we achieve by proofing and cooking in an oak fired oven.
Above Left:  English Muffins and Naan Breads can only take you so far.
Grilled par baked crusts look and taste "ok" but can't match real pizza. 

Above:  Pizza made on ItalCrust is the real thing