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Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Pizza Labor Costs

Labor Costs for Making Pizza in the Restaurant Business

Making pizza is an art.  Any pizzeria and virtually any chef with a bakery or Italian focus understands this.  They also understand the business opportunity created by being able to turn fifty cents worth of ingredients into a pizza base.

But as with many things, we focus on the price that we pay at the register, and ignore the true costs of making pizza.  After all, the parts that go into building a car would probably amount to less than three thousand dollars.  Yet all of us realize that the time, the experience and the efficiencies in building cars is beyond what we can do in our own garage.  Yet so many of us are dedicated to making our own dough even though:
1) We have to make it and proof it which takes time and space and LABOR COST
2) We have to plan it.  If we're wrong, we either lose sales or lose dough
3) For really good pizza, we need an oven investment of at least $5,000.  For wood fired, we'd need at least double that.
4) We have to tend the oven and that costs time and LABOR
5) We have to wait for it to cook and that takes TIME
6) We can't change quickly or do it on the road and thus we loose flexibility

And the list goes on for reasons why making our own dough isn't really as cheap as the distributor bill makes us think.   ItalCrust does exactly what you would do, and we do it more efficiently, more consistently and in frozen ready to use shells that blow away all but the best pizziolos.  

This is why more operators, even those who know how to make pizza, are more than willing to let our 50+ pizza makers stretch the dough for them.   ItalCrust comes in a range of sizes and shapes, and makes pizza that truly rivals scratch made dough.  And we don't just say it, we guarantee it.