ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts


Making the Decision to Use a Premade Crust for
Pizzerias & Italian Restaurants during a Crisis

Most pizzerias & restaurants prefer to make their own dough, whether to utilize an old family recipe, or simply to make use of the talents of their own pizzaiolo.   But right now all restaurants need to operate in a new way, with kitchen staff more limited and social distancing requiring that some tasks be modified.

Pizza business is strong.

Keeping up with the current demand, while potentially cutting back on staff, or devoting more staff to delivery, might mean temporarily going to a premade crust.   If you've ever considered a pre made crust before, this is most certainly the time to give it a try and ItalCrust is going to give you that scratch made authenticity that will keep customers of Italian/NY style pizza happy.  For more information on distribution options, feel free to contact us.   Like you, many of us are working from home but our supply chain is strong and pizza remains strong during this crisis, a testament to its long heritage as a take out food. 

Just Getting Started?    Want To Create A Pop Up or Mobile Pizzeria?

Adding pizza to your menu, converting a scratch dough process, or popping up something new either as a mobile or brick and mortar pizza restaurant could not be more simple with ItalCrust.  And it is also awesome.    You literally need three ingredients to get started:

ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts or Flatbreads - Coming in sizes from 8" to 16".  See our Products listing.

Mozarella Cheese - This is the basis of pizza cheese and it's really all you need.   Shredded or diced is available from any foodservice distributor.

Tomato Sauce - There are many very good pre-made sauces, or you can buy a tomato base and design your own.

ItalCrust is pre-baked in a wood fired oven on a stone, so all that you need is an oven which can reach 450F.   This can include a toaster oven, home oven, convection oven, conveyor oven, all the way up to a much more sophisticated pizza oven.   You can add other cheese, modify your sauce and add fresh vegetables to make your pizza your own.    But even if you add nothing more, your ItalCrust made pizza will exceed the quality of anything else made on a pre made shell that is commercially available.