ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Creating Take and Bake Pizza for Retailers & C-Stores

Restaurants are operating outdoors or with reduced capacity, and while take out remains steady, the vast majority of food consumed it taken home to be prepared or at least reheated.

As a retailer or a convenience store, you need meals that you can prepare quickly, use ingredients within the store or available from any foodservice distributor, wrap safely and put out for someone to take home.  Consumers  are looking for meal ideas and pizza almost always looks good. 

Plus, with more time on people's hands, doing some cooking appeals to many families, which is why some retailers are actually selling just the crust.   Whether you top it or not, ItalCrust will give your customers a quality that has never before existed in a pre made crust.
Ready for the next step?

1) Develop a strategy


  1. Do you want to place prepared pizzas out, just sell the crusts for people to make their own, or do both?
  2. Do you want to pre wrap your pizzas or display them "freshly topped", then packaging them to order like salads or deli meats?
  3. How do you want to wrap them to go?
  1. Foodservice film with a deli tag?
  2. Pizza on a disk, overwrapped and then with a custom sticker?
  3. In a box like a pizzeria?

2) Decide which size pizza or flatbread you want to feature from our products page

3) Contact your local foodservice distributor or contact us directly for all purchasing options