ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Pizza Crusts & Flatbreads  |  Pre Baked  Pizza Crusts

Simple Clean Ingredients:  

Soft Wheat Flour, Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt and Yeast.
People are talking about ItalCrust

"...Finally, a pizza crust company who has created the real thing:  Authentic, New York style pizza crusts pre baked and ready to top...."

"... it's good!  I like the crispiness..."

     - Aron Sanchez Food Network Star & Celebrity Chef

"... there is nothing like this..."

- Penny Davide, Chopped Champion, Food Network Star

"... its not that I want a crust that's made in Italy.  It's that I want this crust, and it just happens to be made in Italy"

- major US retailer

January 2016:  ItalCrust launches our newest flatbread.

August 2015:  Food Network Star and Chopped Champion Penny Davidi appearing on behalf of ItalCrust at the Western Food Expo.  Video left

December 2014:  ItalCrust opens it's second distribution center in Eastern Pennsylvania.

ItalCrust is made for foodservice professionals. 
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Top chefs are switching to ItalCrust and delivering better, healthier and more appealing pizza faster than was ever thought possible.

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Confused about all of the different claims that pizza and pizza crust companies are making?  Read our guide here which spells out the truths and misconceptions.

All the rich's in the world won't buy you better pizza. 

ItalCrust Introduction and News

ItalCrust Pizza Crusts and Flatbreads allow chefs to consistently create scratch quality, artisan, wood fired pizza with the convenience of pre - baked.

ItalCrust has set a new standard for par baked pizza crusts, allowing any operation to have a viable, authentic alternative to working with pizza dough while delivering pizzeria quality to their customers
Our non-GMO crusts are made with "00" flour and five simple ingredients, proofed for twenty four hours, hand-stretched and then cooked in an oak fired oven.  Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ItalCrust will allow any operation to create a truly authentic, scratch quality, pizza, with faster prep, no waste, less space and more oven options.                


Shows 2017

BOOTH 5710

Sept 22-24

San Francisco, California

ItalCrust flatbreads create a beautiful, stable base with the bite and flavor that customers crave.  For those who prefer their flatbreads to be thinner, we have new strategies for creating just that type of flatbread using ordinary kitchen equipment!  For more information about ItalCrust flatbreads in foodservice, please contact us or ask your local distributor.

Bakery companies are scrambling to capture the excitement of artisan pizza, but are falling short on quality.  Read here as we debunk and demystify some of the latest claims and trends in imitation par baked crusts.
Our flatbreads are a unique opportunity for chefs:   Unlike thinner "lavash" style substitutes or ultra thin grilled tortilla- like bases, ItalCrust flatbreads, are made from real pizza dough, giving recipes a fresh baked flavor and substance that holds up in any oven.

ItalCrust News and Events

ItalCrust was pleased to help sponsor this year's Joey O'Donnell Film Premier at the Natick Collection on Sunday November 6, 2016.  Visit the Joey Fund website for more information on the Joey Fund for Cystic Fibrosis Research.
ItalCrust was featured once again this year at the HX Experience Show in New York.  We made over 80 pizzas per day, wowing visitors and feeding hungry exhibitors as well. 

ItalCrust Adds Dallas Based Regional Sales Manager

July 18, 2016 - Newton, MA

Sinco Inc is pleased to introduce the newest member of its team, William “Billy” Howell, as the Southwest Regional Sales Manager for ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts & Flatbreads.  Read at Yahoo Finance 

Come see for yourself why ItalCrust is raising the bar on frozen pizza crusts.  

Our next show will be the Winter Fancy Food Show, January 22-24, 2017 in San Francisco California, BOOTH 5710.

What's in a name?

We get lots of pronunciations and we never get offended if someone says it wrong.  But being made in Italy, we want you to know where the name comes from and how easy it actually is to say in three syllables :   IH - TAHL - CRUST