ItalCrust Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

Wood Fired Pizza Crusts

ItalCrust Restaurant/Chef Storage, Prep and Cooking Instructions

ItalCrust is unique and may not behave like parbaked crust products.  Even the finest chefs ask us for suggestions on getting the most out of their ItalCrust.  So here are a few suggestions to get you started...

* Some combi ovens require a mesh because they have no deck. Some restaurants use a mesh successfully in large deck or wood fired pizza ovens.

Cook until the edges of the pizza are about 80% browned.

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STORAGE:  Store ItalCrust frozen up until expiration date.  Always keep ItalCrust in its plastic bag to preserve moisture.  Do not refreeze.
DEFROSTING:  For best results, slack crusts individually at room temperature just until soft (15-20 min).  Or move a full case or closed bag to the refrigerator the night before and use within 1-3 days.
PREPARATIONCompletely defrost ItalCrust before cooking.  Crusts perform best when topped after being slacked.  A defrosted ItalCrust will be soft & pliable.  Do not cook from frozen.

COOKING:  Regardless of oven type, preheat before cooking ItalCrust to 450F or higher for best results. 

Place defrosted topped pizza directly on the rack or deck.  For most ovens, do not ItalCrust on a pan, mesh or paper*.  We do not recommend cooking ItalCrust on a stone unless it is part of the oven itself.

Cook times range from 80 seconds - 7 minutes depending on toppings, oven and temperature.  Most ovens do a better job when the pizza is rotated 180 degrees at the halfway point (not needed for impingers). 


First time users:  Be patient.  ItalCrust can take a few tries to get right.  A correctly cooked ItalCrust will look like the pizza in the image to the left, and will be crispy on the bottom and edges.  If you need more help, contact us and we'll get right back to you.


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An incorrectly prepared ItalCrust will have the appearance of raw dough except at the very base.  VIEW LARGER

A correctly prepared ItalCrust will have a light airy bake appearance like bread when cut and viewed from the side.    VIEW LARGER
Cook on an open rack at high heat of 450F or more.  550F is an ideal temperature.
Cook directly on the deck. To check if pizza is done, slightly lift one edge inside the oven.  Your pizza is finished, when the pizza maintains its shape or creases slightly.  Turning the pizza is often useful. Note:  We no longer recommend adding a stone to cook ItalCrust unless it is part of the oven.  Some large deck ovens will work better when pizza is cooked on a pan or mesh.
Place directly on the conveyor.  Expect a faster cook time versus raw dough or par baked crusts.  Be prepared to remove pizza early until cook time is learned.  550F is an ideal temperature but all ovens vary.
 Cook directly on an open rack at 450F.  Rotate pizza when one edge looks finished.  Don't be afraid to let the edges brown!   
Cook on an open rack (unless the oven does not have one).  If possible reduce the micro by 20%.  Most newer ovens work well without adjustment.

 Avg Cook Time 9 min
 Avg Cook Time 5 min
 Avg Cook Time 3 min
 6-7.5 min
 1.5-2.25 min